NOIA at The Nightingale

Process/Progress hits the Micro-Cinematic Stage.

Process/Progress (2013) - Screenings & Performance - The Nightingale, Chicago

Process/Progress (2013) - Screenings & Performance - The Nightingale, Chicago

Sunday, March 9th, Doors at 6pm / Screening at 7pm, $7-10

Process/Progress is a multidisciplinary series of responses combining the cinematic with oratory, the found with manufactured, the confirmed with the veiled. Films play in varied scales, the communal performativity of the cinema is spliced with voices present and archived, stretching and contracting distance and location with the edge of a screen, a page, a table, a phrase, a gesture, a performance.

A culmination of 2 years of foraging and transmigratory making Process/Progress combines performing object, installation, film and performance into an intimate journey and continuing exhibition about the fallibility of monument, the translatability of archive and how far a circumference an initial question can trace before returning anew.

Questioning ideas of space and place, where there ends and we begin.

Program Details:
(2014, Performance/Screening, 35-40 min)

Programmed by Christy LeMaster

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A Studio Visit w/NOIA

On a coldnight in February NOIA invited a select group of friends, collegues, and trouble over to see what they had been working on.  The first viewing of Process/Progress. 

In February 2014 NO ONE IS ANYWHERE invited artists, colleagues, friends, to their studio to share excerpts from their upcoming projects series Process/Progress. This is a little of what happened. Thanks for coming! NOIA